BEACTIVE DAY European Campaign – Communication Management in Bulgaria

In a dynamic partnership with the Bulgarian Association of Health and Fitness and Europeactive, we had the privilege of working on BEACTIVE DAY – a campaign within the European Week of Sport dedicated to promoting physical activity, well-being and a healthier lifestyle.

Our role as torchbearers of digital communications and content creation enabled us to extend the reach of BEACTIVE DAY’s inspiring message and foster a community of individuals committed to an active lifestyle.

Driving Digital Engagement: Transforming lives through communication

Strategic Digital Presence: As BEACTIVE DAY’s digital communications partner, we harnessed the power of multiple digital platforms to create a cohesive and impactful online presence. From social media channels to a user-friendly website, we strategically positioned BEACTIVE DAY as a beacon for wellness and physical activity.
Engaging content: Our content strategy revolved around creating engaging and informative content that resonated with people from all walks of life.

Social media campaigns: We designed and executed interactive social media campaigns that invited individuals to share their fitness journeys and workout activities using the hashtag.

Digital engagement metrics: The success of our collaboration was evident in the digital engagement metrics. From likes and shares to comments and participation rates, our content resonated with individuals who were eager to embrace a more active lifestyle.

Our partnership with BEACTIVE DAY went beyond traditional communications; it changed lives by inspiring wellness and encouraging physical activity.

As BEACTIVE DAY continues to inspire people to live healthier lives, we take great pride in our role as a facilitator of this transformative movement. Every post, every engagement and every piece of content has created a ripple effect of wellness, contributing to a brighter, more active future for all.