How to inspire people to lead a healthier living?

If you run a health and fitness business, you know the importance of inspiring people to lead a healthier living.


Most people who start business in health and fitness industry are personally engaged to fight against health problems and unhealthy behavior. It is not just a job for them, it is a mission to encourage people to lead a healthier living.

Our mission in Art Ef Com is the same, that’s why we are sharing with you 3 approaches that will help you to inspire people to live in a healthier way.

1. Use positive health messages – they are more inspiring than fear-based messages.

For example – in an attempt to motivate people to exercise more, avoid messages that could shamed them and make them feel “less-than”.

When you coach someone to make healthier lifestyle choices the outcome will be better if the message is positive and hopeful. The carrot is a better motivator than the stick.

Most people who are stuck in unhealthy behavior already know what’s wrong and what they need to change. What you can do for them is to provide valuable information that they can easily find out when they are ready.

2. Give issue-specific motivation – unhealthy behavior occur in context

The behavior is complex and the factors that influence behavior occur on different levels: individual, interpersonal, environmental.

If you identify the different types of reasons of unhealthy behavior, you will be able to personalize your communication by specific needs of your audience. This will help you to motivate and guide people by their specific health issues rather than offering broad, overarching support.

3. Lead by example – your example

The best reason you can give someone to start a journey toward a healthy lifestyle is doing it yourself.

Share your healthy lifestyle in blog post, on Instagram, Youtube or other social media and let people see how your habits help you.

You cannot make successful business in health and fitness industry, unless a little bit of you goes into it, be it your heart, your soul or your beliefs. People will recognize and appreciate if you are not just doing a job, but expressing your beliefs.

You are someone with the chance to change the world and inspire large audiences.

In conclusion:

You could inspire people to lead healthier living through your personal story presented by positive targeted communication. To achieve this goal – find out how to use content marketing.