Medical center – Creating a brand from scratch

MedFit Bulgaria – a groundbreaking rehabilitation medical center dedicated to transforming lives through innovation. Our partnership with MedFit Bulgaria allowed us to not only shape their brand identity but also craft a holistic digital presence and comprehensive marketing strategy that resonate with their mission of redefining wellness.

Brand Identity: A Visual Reflection of Healthier living

Logo: A symbol of renewal and activity. The elements represent the journey of healing, while the clean and modern typography signifies professionalism and innovation.

Slogan: “Здраве чрез движение.” This concise yet impactful slogan encapsulates MedFit Bulgaria’s core promise—offering a path to rejuvenation and vitality for individuals seeking to regain their health and quality of life.

Color Palette: In crafting MedFit Bulgaria’s brand identity, we selected a palette that echoes the center’s commitment to healing and wellness. Refreshing greens evoke a sense of calm and health.

Digital Haven: The MedFit Bulgaria Website

Design: Our design strategy focused on creating a user-centric experience, utilizing serene visuals, intuitive navigation, and accessible typography to convey a sense of comfort and professionalism.

Content: Understanding the importance of conveying complex medical concepts in an approachable manner, we crafted content that bridges the gap between medical expertise and patient understanding.

Functionality: We integrated appointment scheduling functionalities, allowing visitors to easily connect with MedFit Bulgaria’s expert team. Next step is to implement Blog section.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Amplifying Impact and Awareness

Outdoor Branding: Our strategy extended beyond the digital realm. With carefully designed outdoor branding elements, we ensured that MedFit Bulgaria’s identity was visually represented in physical spaces.

Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging the power of social media, we devised campaigns that not only showcased MedFit Bulgaria’s services but also educated and engaged the online community. Through informative posts, inspiring stories, and interactive content, we fostered a strong online presence and fostered a sense of community.

Through our collaboration with MedFit Bulgaria, we have not only established a brand identity but also contributed to a transformative journey for individuals seeking healing and vitality.